Braaimeester Lump Charcoal

Available in 5kg packs

Braaimeester Lump Charcoal is formulated to be a pure and eco-friendly product that gives you reliable heat for a great braai experience. 

Hot tips for the “now now” braai:

  • Place a few Charka Firelighters and 10 pieces of Braaimeester Lump Charcoal in the centre of the braai.
  • Light the Charka Firelighters and let them burn for 2-3 minutes.
  • Form a pyramid by adding as much Braaimeester Lump Charcoal as you need.
  • Now socialise, pour a drink or check the rugby score – you have 20-30 minutes to take it easy.
  • To check when the braai is ready, hold your hand 10cm from the coals and count to 10 – if you have to pull your hand away before you reach 10, the braai is still too hot!!!
  • Spread the coals out to distribute the heat evenly.
  • Get the grid sizzling hot and then have a lekker braai!


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